The best
of both worlds.


HybridChiller by GDTS

and its

Compression for real precise cooling? Or with real efficient adsorption? Both! Riedel’s innovative HybridChiller combines two proven processes. Resulting in a unit which makes the best possible use of available resources – and the most efficient way of utilising waste heat to provide a cooling medium elsewhere.

Truly efficient cooling from waste heat.

Most industrial plants produce much waste heat – which simply dissipates. Adsorption refrigeration utilises this energy for cooling.

Waste heat free of charge from:

  • Production processes
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Production of compressed air
  • District heating

Truly precise cooling with electricity.

Industrial applications and complex uses require precise and constant cooling. Provided by compression refrigeration: accurate and consistent.

Precise refrigeration for:

  • Cooling processes in the metalworking industry
  • Cooling processes in the plastics industry
  • Cooling computer centres and IT environments
HybridChiller Inneneinheit Bild

Adsorption refrigeration for really efficient cooling utilising waste heat –
and compression refrigeration for really precise cooling.

HybridChiller has combined the best of both worlds in one innovative unit. Perfectly coordinated: the input from the two technologies varies according to the refrigeration required and the available waste heat output. As efficient as possible, as precise as necessary! The HybridChiller requires an available source of waste heat at a temperature between 55 and 95 °C. It can then provide constant refrigeration within a temperature range from 8 to 20 °C to an accuracy of +/−0,5 K.



… of the operating power from cogeneration plants becomes waste heat – and should be utilised.


… of the energy used to produce compressed air is converted into heat.

+/- 2K

With an accuracy of plus/minus two Kelvin the HybridChiller cools within a temperature range from 8 to 20 °C.


… is the optimal waste heat temperature for the HybridChiller.


Up to 80 percent…
… reduction in power consumption achieved with combination of adsorption and compression.


Everything in one unit instead of having to install several refrigeration systems from different manufacturers for different technologies.

Your benefit: the three „e“

Really efficient.

  • Using free waste heat as an energy source.
  • 80 Prozent weniger Stromverbrauch.
  • Kurze Amortisationszeiten.

Truly precise.

  • Constant refrigeration by regulating fluctuating ambient and load temperatures.


  • Everything in a single unit.
  • Quick to install.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Flexible application.

Real savings in the long term!

+ one-off investment

- possible grants (BAFA)

- annual energy costs

= high efficiency

(e.g. pays for itself in just three years)


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