ISH Highlight: System M Air.

ISH Highlight: System M Air.

System M Air. GDTS has redefined the central ventilation system presenting its System M Air for the first time

Ventilation redefined: with System M Air, Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) once again demonstrates its system expertise. At the world’s leading trade fair for water, heating and air-conditioning systems, ISH in Frankfurt, GDTS will be presenting its highly integrated, central ventilation module. System M Air complements the heat pumps from the System M series. System M ensures the ideal interaction between heating, cooling, domestic hot water preparation and ventilating – with just one control unit for the complete system.

Kulmbach / Frankfurt. People nowadays spend almost 90 per cent of their lives in enclosed rooms. Whether they feel good inside those rooms primarily depends on the indoor air. Modern, energy-efficient houses have to be insulated. And this makes the building envelope even more air-tight. Regular ventilation is key to ensuring enough air exchange in your own home as well as a healthy room climate. Not by a long way is it just enough to open windows briefly - in order to fill up the living area with fresh air brought to the right temperature, and at the same time to remove pollutants, allergens and moisture.

Heating, cooling, domestic hot water preparation and ventilating with one system.

That is why GDTS has redefined the central ventilation system presenting its System M Air for the first time. With System M Air the Upper Franconian pioneer of heat pump and refrigeration circuit technology has linked its areas of expertise for heating, cooling, ventilating and domestic hot water preparation. System M Air stands for extra comfort, is compact, space-saving, energy-efficient and extremely quiet. Just like the complete system, the ventilation module stands out with the award-winning design so typical of GDTS. System M Air is planned to be available in 2020.

System M Air: high-powered and energy-efficient.

The central ventilation module is designed with a performance range up to approx. 320 m³/h for ventilation of single-family homes up to about 250 m² of living space ensuring clean, healthy air brought to the right temperature for the whole house.

System M Air is equipped with an integrated preheating radiator and efficient heat exchanger. In this way, fresh cold air from outside receives the desired temperature from the waste heat of removed, used air to the outside. Saving energy. In addition: System M Air causes no unpleasant draughts. The degree of heat recovery of the highly efficient system is up to 92 %. This automatically reduces the primary energy needed, thereby achieving a far more favourable energy balance. The air volume flow is individually adjustable according to the building size. System M Air has been awarded the highest energy label, efficiency class A+.

Maximum installation freedom.

The central ventilation module is supplied ready to plug in. With a grid dimension of 60 x 60 cm it is a perfect fit for all heat pump indoor units of System M. Maximum installation freedom: System M Air can - depending on the configuration of the overall system – be positioned vertically, to the left next to the indoor unit or horizontally on top. The direction of air flow can be optionally selected to the left or right. Available piping is no longer visible thanks to the optional design cover with a greater height. No matter how you look at System M Air: the result is always a closed, space-saving, visually appealing, clean overall solution.

Control technology was never easier or better.

The ventilation module is controlled via the Master unit of System M, i.e. the heat pump and ventilation module are operated via the same touch display on the device or remotely via a smart device (mobile phone or tablet) and the GDTS Home App - intuitively and effortlessly. All heating, cooling and ventilation functions are ideally geared to each other and work perfectly together, thus further enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

There are many good reasons for System M Air.                                                                                                               

In terms of engineering and design, System M Air is undoubtedly at the cutting edge. Besides that, there are a lot of other arguments for installing a controlled domestic ventilation system:

as well as maintaining the value of a building, the central as well as controlled domestic ventilation system with System M Air makes your property future-proof and ready for the energy system transformation. Air-tight building envelopes are required to have a controlled domestic ventilation system. In the case of rented homes in particular, it is important to ensure that ventilation is guaranteed, regardless of who is actually using them. Changing the air is not only hygienic, but also ensures that moisture is removed in a controlled way, thereby ensuring that the fabric of the building remains intact for a longer period. At the same time, a ventilation system represents a safety feature because open windows are no longer forgotten. Apropos open windows: what if there are sub-zero temperatures? System M Air makes that no longer necessary. Spending lots of time manually ventilating your home with external air, several times a day, losing hot indoor air in the process – is now a thing of the past. Thanks to System M Air, allergy sufferers can finally breathe more easily: flower pollen, fine dust or rust particles will be kept out of living rooms and bedrooms. Used air containing CO2 is reliably removed, which has a positive effect on well-being, promoting good sleep and concentration. System M Air ensures that not only allergens stay outside, so does traffic noise – fresh air inside brought to the right temperature means windows can stay shut. And the ventilation system itself? It runs almost noiselessly.

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