The perfect heat pump system for purists.

The perfect heat pump system for purists.

System M Pure from Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions is the perfect heat pump for small to medium-sized homes.

It is not only extraordinarily quiet and highly efficient: Like the entire System M series, it also impresses with a clear, reduced design and compact dimensions. System M Pure has been intentionally reduced to the essentials: the intuitive control always takes place directly via the smartphone.

Kulmbach / Oberfranken - The multi-award winning heat pump System M from Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) is now available in a new, more puristic version. System M Pure is the perfect heat pump for anyone wanting to focus on the key features in technology - without compromising on quality, technical performance and service. The product concept: Reduction to the essential, but on an extremely high level. System M Pure is perfect for smaller and medium-sized homes with a living space of up to 150 square meters. The Pure version from GDTS is available with a heat output of 6 kW and a 180 litre domestic hot water cylinder. System M Pure: The first heat pump that truly earns the “Pure” name.

Radically intuitive. Radically networked.

With System M Pure, the display of the indoor unit acts as a status indication. The control takes place completely intuitively via the GDTS Home App: For this, the indoor unit of System M Pure must be connected to the Internet via LAN. The GDTS Home App is downloaded via the smartphone in the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. Following a one-off registration, the connection between the GDTS Home App and System M Pure takes place practically automatically. To do this, tap once on the “M” logo symbol on the indoor unit display and the connection takes place with just a few clicks. The heat pump and all its functions can now be controlled via the well structured, clear user interface of the app. Desired temperature, settings for the weekend or holiday... everything works with a finger tip. This radical networkability was awarded the German Brand Award in the category “Connectivity” and the if Design Award 2018, among others.

One system. Many advantages.

System M offers an overall solution with a unique technology and design - designed, developed and produced in Germany. System M is thus setting a new standard in the sector. The outdoor unit of the System M Pure version impresses with its reduced, clear design in the colour grey aluminium / silk grey. System M runs extremely quietly, which is particularly important on small sites and with direct proximity to neighbours. System M uses the benefits of the integral technology: because the sound sources are decoupled with the fan (outside) and compressor (inside). 5m distance to the neighbour’s site is therefore all you need. And the most important building and noise directives are fully met. System M is also compact: The indoor unit with a footprint of 60 x 60 centimetres takes up less space than any other heat pump and no more than a washing machine. The outdoor unit is also the smallest on the market with dimensions of 60 x 50 x 87 centimetres.

Added value: “All-round service.”

System M is pre-configured and pre-assembled for the specific customer requirements in the factory. This means that the installation on-site can be carried out extremely quickly and conveniently by the installer. The indoor unit is connected to the Internet via LAN. This not only makes control via the GDTS Home App possible. The GDTS after-sales service can help extremely quickly with questions relating to the system or if service work is required. Thanks to the LAN connection, after-sales service can access important operating data for the heat pump and thus help to find a solution quickly. In future, GDTS Service – at the request of the customer – can also give recommendations for operating the heat pump as efficiently as possible. This is all part of the “all-round service” at GDTS. And with the optional Long-Life service package, the warranty period can be extended from two years to ten years.


About Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions and the Glen Dimplex Group.

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) is part of the international Glen Dimplex Group based in Ireland - a leading international supplier of electric heating solutions and domestic appliances.

With GDTS the company combines the knowledge and expertise of the group for the development of highly efficient system solutions for the heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings, as well as commercial and industrial applications. GDTS unites the Group's subsidiaries based in Kalamazoo (USA), Shenyang (China) and Kulmbach and Sonneberg. The GDTS Division is managed by CEO, Jochen Engelke.

At its HQ in Kulmbach Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions has stood for expertise in heating and refrigeration for over 40 years. This is where energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems are designed by our engineers and technicians at our inhouse Development department and perfected to market maturity. Products by Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions are a byword for engineering expertise, quality and design "Made in Germany". Some 800 staff are employed at the sites based in Germany.

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