We believe in energy-saving cooling and heating – and that the two go together. We believe that our energy makes us successful, makes our customers happy, and makes the world a better place.


The challenges are great.

The Paris Agreement, digitisation, resource scarcity, Industry 4.0: we live in times of great challenges. As well as real chances. 
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The power
of reduction.

Reduction means leaving out the superfluous. It sounds like a simple, natural process – but it isn’t. Reduction is hard. 
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We cool, heat and ventilate the future. Powered by electricity. Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions is a new brand. GDTS is looking ahead. 
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Corner shop 2.0.

Sausages from an online store? Yoghurt from the Internet? There’s still something odd about buying groceries on the Internet. Who does that, even? 
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