The challenges are great.

The challenges
are great.

The opportunities are even greater.

The Paris Agreement, digitisation, resource scarcity, Industry 4.0: we live in times of great challenges. But the opportunities they create are even greater – as long as you can find the right lever and apply it in the right place.

There is much to be done: fighting climate change and protecting us from its impact is consuming more and more of our limited resources, as is the fast pace of technological change in this digital age. Investment expenditure is growing, cost pressure is rising. One of the biggest factors – both environmentally and economically – is energy. The energy used for heating and cooling in particular. Increase the efficiency with which you control the temperature of buildings or machinery with smart, networked systems and make yourself ready to use renewable energy on a consistent basis and you can change the challenges into opportunities – with remarkable knock-on effects. To put it another way, energy changes the world. The facts, figures and trends speak for themselves.

World climate conference in Paris
Cost of fossil fuels
Potential savings
Heating costs
Cooling demand
Renewable Energy

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… which are surely too much for just one company to manage on its own. A company that provides energy-efficient, digitally networked, individualised, modular, CO2-neutral, easy-to-use solutions that combine heating and cooling functions and use renewable energy. Can such a company exist?





1 Solution

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions already combines all these elements in revolutionary heating and cooling devices such as System Zero, the HybridChiller and System M. Simply more performance. Simply less waste. Today – and in the future.